“Sex Manual” for 12 Year Old School Children has Nova Scotia Parents Riled

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, September 17, 2004 ( - A sex manual, aimed at Nova Scotia school children from grade seven and older, has many parents fuming. The manual—Sex? A Healthy Sexuality Resource—contains subject materials totally inappropriate for children, according to a parents group, Parent Advocates for Accountability Group (PAAG).

As a result of parental concern, the proposed deadline for the release of the booklet has been extended from September 9 to the end of the month, giving parents time to review the 124 page document which tells children (among other things) that being 12 years old is a fine time to have sex with a 13 year old friend.  In a rhetorical question on the PAAG web-site, a parent asks: “Is it appropriate for Public Health and School Boards to dictate to parents when and how their children be introduced to some of the topics contained in ‘Sex?’ Are you prepared to sit down with your child and discuss all of the topics contained in the resource ( i.e. all forms of sexual intercourse, the low age of legal consent, what a vibrator is and the ‘morning after’ pill)?”  The manual authors suggest 12 years old may be an appropriate age for children to begin consensual sexual relations: “. . . a person who is 12 or 13 can consent to sexual activity but only with a person who is less than 2 years older than he or she is.”  The authors also provide information on how to obtain contraceptives, as well as the “necessity” for a child to be carrying them at all times: “In many communities there are places where you can get inexpensive or free condoms and oral dams. For example: Planned Parenthood . . . Be prepared! Carry condoms and oral dams with you. If you don’t need them, a friend might.”  The manual also suggests abortion and abortifacient morning-after pills as acceptable options in case of unexpected pregnancy: “If your partner gets pregnant she has to make some difficult decisions-Adoption? Raising the baby? Abortion?” They also recommend that children can access this without parental consent: “You do not need your parents’ permission to get ECP.”  Read the parental concern web page at:

Read the document itself (PDF) at:   The PAAG is recommending parents contact officials to voice your concerns:  Jim Gunn, Annapolis Valley Regional School Board (AVRSB) Superintendent of Schools: (902) 538-4606   Nancy Pynch-Worthylake, AVRSB Director of Programs & Services (902) 538-4611

Rodney MacDonald, Minister Responsible for Office of Health Promotion: [email protected]

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