OTTAWA, September 23, 2005 ( – Canadian pharmacies are soon to be a place where you can not only buy prescription drugs like marijuana, but sex toys too. Not to mention Wal-Mart, Zellers, Loblaws, and a host of other department and grocery stores – thanks to the lobbying of condom (and sex toy) manufacturing giant, Trojan.

The product line developed by Trojan is being sold under the name Elexa, and includes such products as “intimacy gel” and a vibrating ring, according to a Globe and Mail report. Besides Wal-Mart and Loblaws, Shoppers Drugmart, Pharma Plus, Pharmx Rexall, IDA, Guardian, Jean Coutu and Herbies drugstores are also getting into the market, as is the Zellers department store.

Trojan spokesman Veronique Hamel claimed that the incentive for the marketing of the sex toys, or as she prefers, “sexual well-being products,” was because of surveys that revealed almost half of young women were not using condoms, or as Trojan falsely asserts, “protection.” She said the concept arose from Trojan’s lofty desire that women be having “safe sex;” thus all the sex toys are sold with condoms included.

Hamel also said that retailers had no qualms about stocking the products. “We were very happy that they didn’t see any negative connection to the ring,” she stated.

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