Friday February 12, 1999


CHICAGO, Feb 12 (LSN) – In a hard hitting column by Dr. Judith Reisman, the “Sexual Dysfunction Survey” reported in the February 10, 1999, Journal of the American Medical Association, is cut to shreds. The authors of the study blame America’s rampant sexual dysfunction on stress, lack of time, job pressures and money trouble but Reisman points the finger at the sex revolution initiated by the father of sex researchers Alfred Kinsey.

The researchers, looking to explain the explosion in the Viagara market, said that their findings are “the most reliable since Dr. Alfred Kinsey did his landmark studies in 1948.” Taking this as her cue, Reisman (the researcher who discovered the fraudulent and criminal nature of Kinsey’s ‘research’) destroys the credibility of these admitted Kinseyan disciples. Reisman discovered that “Kinsey recruited pedophiles and incestuous males and females to sexually abuse up to 2,035 fainting, screaming and struggling children, as young as two months of age, for his so-called child sex “data.””

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