“Sexual Orientation” has been defined to include “Peeping Toms” and sexual “Voyeurism” says Canadian

VANCOUVER, June 23, 2004 ( - Critics of Svend Robinson’s Bill C-250 were right - the undefined term of “Sexual Orientation,” if included into Section 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code, would offer protection for a whole host of deviant “sexual lifestyles,” warns the Citizen’s Research Institute (CRI).  Opponents to the Bill repeatedly asked if “pedophilia” and other “sexual orientations” would be protected under Bill C-250. These critics were ridiculed and mocked because they could foresee the problems that would result from the ill-conceived and undefined term “sexual orientation.”

CRI notes that on December 18, 2003, Judge Romilly of the British Columbia Youth Court in his reasons for sentence in the R. v.  J.S. case, opened the door when he stated the following concerning the term “sexual orientation” under section 718 of the Criminal Code:  “I am of the opinion that this crime was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on a factor similar to sexual orientation and is covered by this section of the Criminal Code.  It strikes me that this section contemplates hatred against ‘peeping toms’ and/or ‘voyeurs’ as being within its purview, since in my opinion such activity represents a sexual lifestyle which some may consider deviant, but is a sexual lifestyle all the same.”

CRI’s Kari Simpson commented “It is only a matter of time before those with ‘deviant sexual lifestyles,’ otherwise known as ‘sexual orientations,’ charge law abiding citizens and victims - who are fighting for tougher laws to protect children and society - with promoting hatred. Pedophiles, child pornographers, rapists, peeping toms, and others now have a right to be protected from language that might promote hatred and contempt of their ‘sexual orientations/lifestyles.’”

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