Baltimore, MARYLAND, October 2, 2012 ( – A shady, internet-based late-term abortion business run by troubled abortionist James Pendergraft has been shut down, reports the pro-life organization Operation Rescue.

Earlier this year, Operation Rescue had released the results of a six-month undercover investigation that revealed that Pendergraft, a Florida abortionist who is perhaps best known for being hit with a $37.7 million judgment last year after his negligence left a baby maimed after a botched abortion, was operating the dubious abortion scheme in Maryland where he is not licensed to practice.

Under the scheme, Pendergraft would do most of the recruiting of women interested in the expensive late-term procedures through internet advertizing, and would fly up to Maryland where the actual abortion would be performed by his Maryland associate, abortionist Harold O. Alexander. Alexander himself has had his license suspended after being charged with violations of the Maryland Medical Practice Act, including “sexual boundary” violations, botched abortions, shoddy or non-existent record keeping, and prescribing of Viagra and other drugs to himself and non-patients.


But now Operation Rescue says it has received confirmation from the Maryland Board of Physicians that the late-term abortion enterprise has been stopped and that Pendergraft is not working in association with any other office in that state.

“We are celebrating the fact that a dangerous multi-state late-term abortion scam is no longer operating in Maryland,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.


Operation Rescue filed complaints against Pendergraft and Alexander after uncovering details of their abortion enterprise that included the frighteningly dangerous “intracardiac injection” option.

Alexander’s medical license was suspended in part due to the Operation Rescue complaint. Alexander was disciplined for unprofessional conduct in the practice of medicine, failure to meet the standards of quality medical care and failure to keep adequate medical records. Alexander admitted he shredded medical records under subpoena by the Board related to his association with Pendergraft.

Intracardiac injection is a procedure that involves injecting the pre-born baby through the woman’s abdomen with a poison that stops the baby’s heart. According to Pendergraft’s website, the injection process takes only 2-3 minutes. The patient is monitored for approximately 15 minutes before being released. Carrying a dead child, the woman is sent away to her personal physician or other facility to have the dead fetus surgically removed. Delivery of the dead baby takes place at a separate location, which may be in another state or country.

Pendergraft was also serving a license suspension in his home state of Florida during Operation Rescue’s investigation. Since then, Pendergraft has been reinstated and is now operating his chain of Florida abortion clinics under probation.

Pendergraft’s self-inflicted troubles continue to hound him. His Ocala abortion clinic is up for sale, and he continues to resist paying the $37 million malpractice judgment levied against him last year. In addition, the Florida Board is attempting to collect $121,000 in fines that Pendergraft has failed to pay.

Meanwhile the Maryland Board of Physicians has informed Operation Rescue that the complaint against Pendergraft has been closed without action after a full investigation.

“Because Pendergraft is not licensed in Maryland, the Board had limited jurisdiction over him,” said Newman. “Nevertheless, our complaint served to alert the authorities and resulted in running him out of the state. That is a victory for the women and viable babies he unscrupulously targeted with his predatory abortion scheme.”