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(LifeSiteNews) — William “Lia” Thomas’ biggest female critic received a boost of moral support from Twitter CEO Elon Musk this week as she continues her crusade to stop gender-confused men from competing against women athletes.

“Shame on NCAA,” Musk tweeted Monday in response to a video published by that showed former All-American college swimmer Riley Gaines opposing Thomas’ intrusion into her sport.

“By allowing Thomas to displace female athletes in the pool and on the podium, the NCAA intentionally and explicitly discriminated on the basis of sex,” an emotional Gaines said. “Although the NCAA claimed it acted in the name of inclusion, its policies, in fact, excluded female athletes.”

Thomas made national news when he was allowed to compete for the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swim team last year after having represented the men’s squad the previous three seasons. Predictably, Thomas went from being one of the lowest-ranked male swimmers in the country to an above-average female one, even winning the 500-yard freestyle national championship.

Gaines has made dozens of media appearances on Fox News and elsewhere in recent years to bring attention to the obvious unfairness and potentially illegality of the NCAA’s decision. “The NCAA forced female swimmers to share a locker room with Thomas, a 6’4’’ 22-year-old man who is fully intact with male genitalia,” she said in the video that Musk responded to. “Let me be clear,” she continued amid tears, “we were not forewarned. We were not asked for our consent, and we did not give our consent.”

When Gaines attended the University of Kentucky, she competed against Thomas, tying him for fifth — down to 1/100th of a second — in the 200-yard freestyle national finals. The NCAA awarded Thomas the trophy and told Gaines she had to stand off the podium so he could have a photo-op.

Thomas drew Gaines’ ire again this week when ESPN included him in a fawning video montage honoring “Women’s History Month.” He had been nominated for the NCAA’s 2022 Woman of the Year Award previously.

“She competed amidst criticism from the swimming community, competitors, and teammates. She said she hopes her persistence serves a larger purpose,” the narrator said.

“Being trans is not a choice,” Thomas declared on camera. “I didn’t have any other choice because not transitioning was not leading me anywhere.”

Gaines took to Twitter to criticize both Thomas and ESPN, calling the network “spineless” while describing Thomas as an “arrogant cheat.”

Gaines appeared on Fox Business’ “Varney & Co.” to further ridicule ESPN, which, according to Fox, declined to comment 0n the segment.

“People are starting to open their eyes to what this gender ideology propaganda being pushed by the left, being pushed by the media, being pushed within education systems, [is],” she said.

“They’re opening their eyes to how harmful this is, specifically, of course, to women and to children.”