NEW YORK, May 7, 2002 ( – The Population Research Institute’s Steven Mosher has introduced a shareholder’s motion to prevent investment firm Berkshire-Hathaway’s chair Warren Buffett from donating investors’ money to pro-abortion and population control causes. Mosher argues that Buffett’s multi-million dollar donations to causes such as the production of RU-486, Planned Parenthood, and the misleadingly-named Catholics for a Free Choice, have attracted boycotts from pro-life consumers, and in the long run will contribute to reducing the number of potential consumers of Berkshire-Hathaway products. While Mosher is pro-life, he urged all Berkshire-Hathaway shareholders to support his motion, calling for the company to cease all charitable donations rather than bankrolling population control, on grounds of economic self-interest. “Even if you disagree on this fundamental pointâEUR¦ you must concur that these ongoing boycotts of Berkshire-Hathaway company products are not a good thing.””It should be self-evident that Berkshire-Hathaway, like the economy as a whole, is dependent upon people. It is people who produce the products and services of the various companies we own, and it is people who buy them. Now you may think that there is a superabundance of people, and that we will never run short, but this is not true. Half the countries of the worldâEUR¦ have birthrates below replacementâEUR¦ “Charitable contributions to simple-minded population control programs, in which governments impose restrictions on childbearing, are not in Berkshire-Hathaway’s interest. Such programs are not ‘investing in humanity’s future,’ they are compromising humanity’s future, and putting a roadblock in the way of future economic growth.” Mosher has noted Buffett’s large donations to population control causes in the past, calling him more “hard-edged, even fanatical” in his support of abortion and population control than other billionaire donors like Bill Gates or Ted Turner. Buffett’s biographer, Roger Lowenstein, has said that the billionaire has “a Malthusian dread that overpopulation (will) aggravate problems in all other areas—such as food, housing, even human survival.” Yet recent UN studies have shown that the threat of overpopulation has been greatly exaggerated, and that many countries will experience population shortages in the next century. Source: More information on Warren Buffett from Steven Mosher: Previous LifeSite stories: