How LifeSite fought liberal bullies and won!

In part to LifeSite's report, Facebook was forced to remove the censorship. It's stories like this that make us so excited for what is to come in 2019!
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John-Henry Westen By John-Henry Westen

John-Henry Westen By John-Henry Westen

I’m sharing this story again today to make sure you heard about what happened this past week. Facebook censored a post by blocking a picture of Santa Claus kneeling before the Baby Jesus, warning viewers that the photo "may show violent or graphic content.”

A second warning beneath the obscured image of Santa on bended knee, reverentially adoring the Christ Child states, “This photo was automatically covered so you can decide if you want to see it.” Users could click on a button to uncover the photo.

This is what Facebook did to the photo:

Within minutes, we published a story on this despicable decision and shared it to our social media accounts (which are followed by hundreds of thousands of pro-life, pro-family leaders). 

What happened next was amazing - the story went viral! In less than 18 hours, it was shared on Facebook over 42,000 times and received more than 60,000 pageviews. Then, it received a massive boost when it was picked up by Fox News columnist Todd Starnes, The Blaze, and other media outlets that same day. 

Because our article put so much pressure on Facebook, they had no choice but to restore the image. A huge victory! 

This is the sort of impact our family of readers and supporters can have on the culture. I want to invite you to join them and become a supporter of ours with a gift of $5, $35, or even $200 today. As a member of the LifeSite giving family, you can help us fight censorship from the increasingly anti-free speech goliaths like Facebook. 

We’ve raised $26,387 towards our Christmas fundraiser so far thanks to our supporters - our most important fundraiser of the year! I hope you will consider a donation to join our family of supporters today. 

For some time now, conservative organizations and public figures around the globe have faced serious viewpoint discrimination on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google and others. 

LifeSiteNews has not been immune to this. We need your help now to continue to fight Facebook's blocking of conservative content. 

Unfortunately, this kind of censorship will continue to happen, especially if we don’t report on it. Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube have all ramped up their efforts to drown out the pro-life, pro-family message. This is why we work each day to continue to expose their bias. Very few other news outlets are doing this, and we need help to keep up the fight! 

So, I’d like to ask you to consider increasing your commitment to our reporting. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a supporter of ours? 

We have fought the liberal bullies at Facebook numerous times this year (and won!), but these huge victories are only possible because of our generous supporters. If you join our giving family today, you can help ensure our reporting makes an even greater impact in 2019.

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