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The drag queen who was allowed to have children lie on top of him at Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon, October 6, 2018. Multnomoah County Library / Flickr

July 2, 2019 update: Multnomah County Library has deleted from Flickr its photos of children lying on top of the drag queen. LifeSiteNews has preserved the photos and they can be found here [WARNING: Link leads to images of child abuse]. 

PORTLAND, Oregon, July 1, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A west coast public library “Drag Queen Story Time” has evolved beyond drag queens reading pro-gay and pro-transgender books to kids to permitting children to frolic on the floor and lie on top of a man dressed as a woman. 

Photo evidence of children having inappropriate contact with drag queen Carla Rossi at Portland, Oregon’s St. John’s Library last October has been brought to the attention of LifeSiteNews. The photos are posted on the Multnomah County Library’s own Flickr account (Note: photos have been removed after LifeSiteNews published this report. The photos can be found here WARNING: Link leads to images of child abuse).  

“I wouldn’t let my kids crawl on top of random strangers no matter how said strangers are dressed,” commented Kaeley Triller Harms on Facebook.

“Even as a day camp counselor 15 years ago, we were pretty carefully trained about not giving kids piggyback rides or letting them sit on our laps,” continued Harms. “And if they asked for hugs, we took the side hug approach.”

Photos posted by the library also reveal toddlers and young boys dressed in feather boas at the event.

“The goal is to normalize abnormal, sexually deviant homosexual behavior by enticing children to first: question their sexuality,” profamily activist Georgia Kijesky recently told LifeSiteNews. “The more children see men dressing up as women, the more normal it will become.”

Go forth and sin some more!

Not only has the Multnomah County Library system hosted drag queen Rossi multiple times, but the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” a group of men dressed up as nuns for the purpose of mocking the Catholic Church, have also presided at Drag Queen Story Time. The event that remains on a PDXPipeline schedule of events for last fall was confirmed by an employee of the Multnomah County library system.

Multnomah County Library schedule of Drag Queen Storytime events, Fall, 2018. Multnomoah County Library / Flickr

LifeSiteNews previously reported on the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” conducting Drag Queen Story Time at the Boston Public Library.

“The men call themselves ‘queer nuns,’ even though the anti-Catholic group is openly devoted to promiscuity,” wrote Fr. Mark Hodges in 2017. “Their slogan is a ridicule of Jesus’ words to the woman caught in sexual sin. Instead of ‘Go, and sin no more,’ the men ‘queers’ have created their trademark slogan as, ‘Go forth and sin some more!’”

Other drag queens participating in Drag Queen Story Time at various Multnomah County libraries include “Poison Waters” and “Meesha Perú.”

St. John’s Library also has a “teen drag workshop,” to be conducted by drag queen Rossi, scheduled for Saturday, Sep 21, 2019: 

Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi (with intellectual support from her human avatar Anthony Hudson) attempts to chart the vast abyss of drag and its potential, addressing how drag’s many varieties, flavors, and houses correspond to the unchartable spectrum of genders and sexuality – with supporting looks at its legendary elders, artists, and ancestors, from Two-Spirits (and other-gender shamans of the pre-settler North American continent) and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to Marsha P. Johnson, Leigh Bowery, Elvira, RuPaul, and Christeene.