Muskegon, MI, January 8, 2012 ( – A Michigan news station has obtained and published photos showing the inside of Women’s Medical Services in Muskegon, which was closed by Fire Marshalls the day after Christmas.


The conditions the photos show can be described as “downright disgusting,” said the WOODTV reporter who presented the story.

The photos show a trash-strewn and filthy building with garbage piled up next to a procedure table along with unsterilized surgical equipment. The roof throughout the building is moldy and leaky with buckets set out to catch the water. Many of the panels of the drop ceiling are simply missing, or stained by leaks.

Dr. Robert Alexander, who has a history of trouble with the law, has denied any wrongdoing, and has repeatedly hinted that he believes pro-lifers may have broken into the building and created the unsanitary conditions. The Fire Marshall closed the clinic after police responded to a report of a broken window at the back of the facility., which obtained the photos and documents through an open records request, interviewed Dr. Alexander. He repeated claims made previously that he left the building in pristine condition.

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The pro-life group Operation Rescue has long had concerns about Dr. Alexander’s abortion facility. They had filed a complaint last year alleging a host of safety and medical violations at the clinic, including that the abortionist was using a broken ultrasound machine to “show” women their unborn child.

“The photos and report confirm the existence of conditions at Alexander’s abortion clinic that were listed in our complaint filed four months earlier,” said Troy Newman of Operation Rescue. “The disturbing thing is that we have information that Alexander’s medical practice is as shoddy as the building he worked in. We call on the Medical Board in Michigan to act quickly on our complaint and suspend Alexander’s medical license in the interest of public safety.”

Newman also urged the Michigan Bureau of Health Professionals to suspend Alexander’s license.