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A Louisiana abortion center has closed down.

BOSSIER CITY, Louisiana, April 24, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life intercessors have claimed a victory with the closing of a Louisiana abortion business.

40 Days for Life has sponsored prayer vigils outside the Bossier City Medical Suite and now local leader Chris Davis says the abortion mill has ceased operations.

“After five years of standing in prayer outside the Bossier abortion facility, God has answered those prayers in a big way!” Davis declared. “Thanks to 40 Days for Life … and all the local volunteers who have an untold number of hours on the sidewalk!”

Documents obtained by Louisiana Right to Life reveal that the facility's operators returned their medical license to the state Department of Health.

The document also states that Dr. James Degueurce, who apparently was the abortionist there, “intends to continue providing abortion care to Louisiana women at a clinic yet to be determined.”

“With the closure of Bossier City Medical Suite, there is one less facility in Louisiana destroying the lives of innocent unborn babies,” Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director Benjamin Clapper said.  

Republican Congressman Mike Johnson of the 4th District issued a statement calling the closure a “wonderful development.” “I believe we have a moral obligation and duty to defend the most defenseless among us and to stand up for innocent unborn children.”

Clapper reflected on the many lives the abortion business cut short. “From 2006 to 2015, this facility sold 7,482 abortions,” he said. “We mourn for these lives that will never enjoy life in Louisiana, but we rejoice that this facility will no longer be in the business of abortion.”

The closure brings the number of abortion businesses in the state to three. Those include Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans, Delta Clinic in Baton Rouge, and Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport.

The closure of Bossier City Medical Suite is not expected to slow down the local abortion industry. The Shreveport abortion business is only six minutes away.

Early last year, the Bossier City clinic stopped doing abortions for a brief time because of a pro-life law protecting women's health by requiring local hospital privileges. Clinic owners petitioned for and received a “stay” of enforcement of the pro-life law.

40 Days for Life lists 85 similar closures and attributes the trend to the power of peaceful prayer.

“We encourage the pro-life community to continue its efforts to provide help to mothers and babies, both before and after birth. We look forward to a day when all babies are protected by law and welcomed with joy,” Clapper said.

Davis confirmed the closure with a picture of a moving truck outside the clinic as the staff packed the business into boxes.