STATEN ISLAND, New York, October 17, 2011 ( – Tens of thousands of students are set to join the massive Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity tomorrow. According to organizers, students at 1,200 colleges, high schools, middle schools and home schools have pledged to remain silent throughout the day, in solidarity with thousands of unborn children permanently silenced by abortion every single day.


Students typically wear red duct tape with the word “life” on it, and hand out pro-life literature to their fellow students.

This year’s Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity is being held in honor of Kortney Blythe Gordon, a young abortion abolitionist with Students for Life, and her unborn daughter Sophy, who were killed in a car accident Oct. 8 in Georgia.

Jon Scharfenberger, another Students for Life staffer, was also severely injured in the crash that killed one other person. Scharfenberger remains in critical condition.

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Event organizer Bryan Kemper, founder of Stand True Ministries and Youth Outreach Director for Priests for Life, said that the tribute is fitting for the annual pro-life event.

“Tomorrow, students will be sending a loud and clear message that abortion must end and all innocent human life must be protected from conception to natural death,” said Kemper. “The day is about sacrifice and that is why it is fitting that this year’s event is dedicated to Kortney Blythe Gordon and her baby Sophy.  Kortney was a beacon of light and sacrificed more than anyone can ever imagine in her fight as an abortion abolitionist.”

Gordon, 28, was a field director for Students for Life of America, which co-sponsors the annual event.

“Last year, we heard back from 64 girls who canceled their abortions because of the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity and dozens of kids who changed their hearts and are now pro-life,” Kemper said. “These are just the ones we have heard back from; we have no idea how many lives were actually saved. But we do know that just one life makes this whole day worth the effort.”

Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, expressed his support for the pro-life event today, asking: “Are you willing to give up your voice for a day for those who will never have a voice?”

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