EDMONTON, December 19, 2003 ( – The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families. The campaign aims to make the public aware that abortion is harmful emotionally, physically and spiritually to women and others.  It also is looking to reach out to women who are hurting from an abortion, let them know help is available.  The organization will invite post abortive women to join in speaking the truth about the negative impact of abortion.  Denise Mountenay, who is heading the project in Canada, informed LifeSite “We first hope to reach post abortive women in every Province across Canada to write up affidavits on the negative impact abortion has had on their lives. These affidavits must be notarized and returned to us for possible use in litigation to prove this procedure is not a healthy choice for women.”  The group expects to hold rallies in major cities encouraging other post abortive women to join and ‘Not be Silent anymore’. “The emotional and physical pain of abortion will no longer be shrouded in secrecy and silence,” said Mountenay, “but rather exposed and healed.”  She concluded, “This effort is a key to making abortion unthinkable, and persuading society that women deserve better than abortion.”  Contact:  Together For Life Ministries   Canada Silent No More   10602-89 St. Morinville, AB. T8R 1C7   1-888-777-5503   email: [email protected]