Singing sensation to star at 2011 Canadian March for Life

“My mom always says that God gave us the gift to sing, and if we don’t use that gift to do something good with it, what’s the point?” says Carly.
Fri May 6, 2011 - 4:12 pm EST

BURLINGTON,ON May 5, 2011 ( – There is a powerful new force emerging in the pro-life movement across the West - a force Fr. Pavone recently said had a refreshing “clarity and directness”: the youth.


One of the members of this young, energetic pro-life demographic is country-pop sensation and recording artist Carly Taylor, who will be featured at this year’s Canadian March for Life in Ottawa.

Carly was born in 1994, growing up in Burlington, Ontario, where she found her passion for singing at a very early age. When she was 9-years-old, she competed at a kid’s karaoke concert at a local vacation resort which catapulted her into performing as a child singing sensation.

Among her many accomplishments, she has performed in the finals at the Western Fall Fair, and won first place at the Ontario Country Open Contest, Burlington Idol Youth Competition and the Milton Steam Era Festival’s Junior Talent Contest.

In 2010, she was signed by Blue Sapphire/Universal Music and recently released her self-titled debut album. Her single, “Go Back,” reached #58 on the Canadian Country Music Charts and she is currently in the works to release a second album later this year.

But what is more impressive than Carly’s music career is her passion to defend the unborn.

Carly recently wrote a song entitled “Life,” which she will perform at this year’s Youth Banquet. The song is about a 16-year-old who unexpectedly gets pregnant and is too scared to tell her parents of her situation. Instead she has a conversation with God, who tells her, “life is precious, it’s a gift from me, there’s a plan for you that I’ll hope you’ll see, you may think that you made a mistake, but life is not yours to take.”

The song ends sixteen years later with the unborn baby, who is now a teenager, relaying the same message to her peers.

“I think singing about such an important topic is a good way to connect to younger people, because music plays such a large role on teenagers in today’s society,” Carly says. “I hope to reach out to those who may need awareness and education on the subject, and I am honored that I am able to share the pro-life message with other people through my singing.”

Carly has recorded the song and plans on selling a CD with the single at the March for Life Youth Banquet for $5 apiece, with all proceeds going to Campaign Life Coalition. To hear the song, click here.

Not all, however, are thrilled with Carly’s pro-life stance. Her mother Susan told LifeSiteNews that Carly has come into contact with people who have told her not to be involved in the pro-life movement because it’s too ‘political,’ especially at the start of her career. Susan says, however, that Carly will never compromise her beliefs.

“My mom always says that God gave us the gift to sing, and if we don’t use that gift to do something good with it, what’s the point?” says Carly.

To see more information on the March for Life, please click here.

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