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March 23, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Michael David is a pro-family activist who advocates on behalf of divorced fathers who want access to their children. He currently works as a consultant for Dad Talk Today, an online podcast, as well as with the Republican Assembly in Orange County, Florida. The Republican Assembly helps elect conservative candidates to office. 

David recently spoke with LifeSite’s Content Marketing Manager, Stephen Kokx, about the work he is doing. 

David told Kokx that men are often forgotten and even trampled on in family litigation proceedings. He also said the feminist movement has been extremely effective at lobbying the court system to ensure mothers are favored over fathers in divorce hearings. Major reforms are needed, he added, to ensure single dads can spend quality time with their children as they grow up.

David himself is a father to a young son who enjoys playing baseball. He told LifeSite that there’s “nothing” more enjoyable in life than being a dad. David has worked — and continues to work — with organizations and state lawmakers across the country to ensure divorced fathers and single dads have the resources necessary to be strong, loving, and virtuous men.