BORKEN, Germany, July 3, 2013 ( – A sex education class at the Remigianum Gymnasium school in Borken took a bizarre turn when, one after another, six of the students, aged 11 and 12, fainted and fell from their desks.

The children had reportedly been given schematic drawings of male and female genitalia, which their teacher instructed them to label and color in.

The unnamed biology teacher related that the students began to behave alarmingly and, when one child observed another become pale and silent, she fainted. Five more children then followed suit and fainted. The terrified teacher called an ambulance and the children were taken to hospital where all but one, who was kept for an unrelated infection, were treated and released.


“It was a moment of horror,” one of the children told the newspaper DerWesten

Dorothea Meerkotter, director of the school, said she believed that the first child to lose consciousness (she indicated he was suffering from a circulatory problem) triggered a chain reaction in the other children. 

The biology teacher, when asked by reporters what might have caused this “mysterious reaction” of students, said she was surprised by the situation and that she “could not identify the cause.”

The Polish news service Polonia Christiana however, reported that the teacher did indicate that the method of presenting the lesson and giving the children the task of coloring in the pictures may have been “a shock” to them.

Polonia Christiana also reported that besides the schematic drawings, the teacher had detailed “educational models” of genitals in the classroom. 

Principal Meerkotter denied allegations that the class had also watched a video on circumcision, but said that the school would “take a lesson” from the occurrence because of its reputation as “forward looking.”