December 22, 2008 ( – The Center for Bioethical Reform in Slovakia has this week filed a complaint to the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic as a result of serious free speech violations committed against them by the Slovak Ministry of Interior and the Police Corps.

  On 16th October 2008 the police in the city of Kosice, where the constitutional court sits, forced pro-life activists to remove a display of twelve large frame-mounted billboards showing aborted fetuses juxtaposed with images of other genocides including victims of the gulag, holocaust, ethnic cleansing etc. The activists who were outnumbered 3 to 1 by police were threatened with immediate confiscation of the billboards.

  The display is part of a project called Stop Genocide which has been touring Slovakian universities and music festivals without incident since the summer. At the time of the police intervention the exhibition, which had full municipal council permission, was at the university of Kosice.

  Jana Tutkova, director of the campaign says: “Genocide is invariably presented as something happening somewhere else or in times past but the reality is that genocide is taking place here today in Slovakia where abortion has already claimed the lives of a third of the existing population. As a nation it is not easy to come face to face with the killing going on our own soil but we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the students many of whom have changed their minds by being confronted with the reality and thousands of them have joined the campaign.”

  While the Slovak Ministry insisted that the campaign Stop genocide was against public morality, showing abortion images in public has received the support of the Catholic Church with Msgr. Frantisek Tondra, chairman of the Slovak Bishops’ Conference declaring: “I accept this campaign for it shows the real face of abortion”.

“If the procedure is legal and subsidised by the state and even claimed to be a human right then how on earth can the authorities claim its depiction to be immoral?” said Miss Tutkova, “This is pure hypocrisy on the part of the government. Taking this approach they would have to admit that abortion is an violence which kills new human being, but this is precisely what they deny. By attempting to hide the truth, the police and the government have made themselves complicit in the killing and this has to be challenged. We will not be cowered by police aggression but will fight to the utmost to defend our right to expose the truth about the abortion genocide.”

  The display was developed and perfected in the US The identical one is seen at university campuses throughout Canada CBR branches in Europe have adjusted it to their historical experience to include f.e. Communist genocides. At the present the display is has been installed in Russia, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republic, where it has enjoyed free speech rights so far.