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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

TOKYO (The Remnant) — On May 31, thousands gathered in Tokyo, Japan, to participate in what organizers have touted as the “world’s biggest protest against the World Health Organization (WHO)”. (For video clips of the protest, refer to the link HERE.)

Notably, Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan and a present member of the House of Representatives, gave a rousing speech that was well-received by his audience, apologizing for the Japanese government’s handling of the COVID-19 “vaccine” rollout and expressing his grief for those who succumbed to “vaccine”-linked deaths.

“I apologize to all of you. So many have died, and they shouldn’t have,” he stated.

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Adding, Haraguchi said:

When I travel around to different areas, I see those who can’t stand, can’t walk, can’t go to school, can’t go to work. We could have prevented these injuries from happening, but we did not

Going even further, Haraguchi boldly urged his audience to “overthrow the current government,” an exhortation that was greeted with resounding applause.

“Let’s defeat those demonic forces,” Haraguchi urged, calling for government and institutional accountability.

Haraguchi disclosed personal details about his own struggles after “vaccination.” For one, he stated that he had contracted a rapidly progressing form of cancer.

“This time last year, I had neither eyebrows nor hair. Two out of the three supposed vaccines I received were lethal batches,” he divulged.

Haraguchi’s cancer diagnosis led him to lose hair significantly, prompting him to wear a wig. Recalling an incident where his appearance became a point of distraction in the Japanese Diet, Japan’s national legislature, Haraguchi described how a political opponent was caught up with his wig instead of discussing government matters.

Notably, Haraguchi decried Japan’s prohibition of ivermectin, a domestically produced drug developed by Japanese doctor Satoshi Omura, which Haraguchi contended could have played a decisive role in tackling COVID-19. Rather, the Japanese government banned the drug, in a move which Haraguchi suggested was due to economic interests.

“Why? Because they (ivermectin drugs) are cheap. They don’t want it because it will interfere with the sales of the vaccines,” he posited, again drawing loud applause from his listeners.

Likewise, in nearby Philippines, an intense discussion took place in the Philippines’ House of Representatives regarding the alarming rise of more than 290,000 excess deaths due to COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Attorney Tanya Lat condemned the government’s lack of accountability:

There are Filipino people who are sick and tired of how the DOH [Department of Health] has let us down, has refused to admit that people are dying, turning a blind eye to the people who are getting sick, turbo cancers, myocarditis, children who are suddenly sick as if they are 60-, 70-year-old people. We look into their eyes, there does not seem to be any sympathy for the people who have died, for the people who are now physically disabled because of these vaccines.

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Strikingly, Congressman Zia Alonto Adiong remarked about the legal safeguards surrounding pharmaceutical firms pushing COVID-19 “vaccines”:

There’s really an agreement that indicates that they cannot be sued. So I mean, that’s something that we should worry about. Why would a pharmaceutical company insist on not being sued if there will be injuries or fatalities that may come after as a result of that?

Furthermore, analyst Sally Clark disclosed disturbing figures regarding the correlation between falling birth rates and “vaccine” rollouts “since the pandemic.”

Elaborating, Sally stated:

The very big spike is the deaths in 2021, which started in March of 2021, immediately consecutive with the start of the vaccine rollout. In 2021, when vaccination rolled out, the deaths went up in all age groups that were vaccinated.

Eventually, the hearing ended by urging lawmakers to further delve into the correlation between the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” and excess deaths.

Likewise, at the AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization) gathering, called  “A Prayer to Reject the IHR Amendment and Solidarity with Vaccine Affected Victims” and held by Malaysia’s Muslim Consumer’s Association (PPIM), “vaccine” victims and their families expressed their calls for justice to be done.

One doctor at the event, sorrowfully acknowledged: “As a medical doctor, we are so ashamed of the mistake that we have made!”

Across the Pacific, former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who supported COVID-19 “vaccines” previously, recently reinforced Haraguchi’s admission regarding the potential efficacy of Ivermectin.

“I’ll tell you something else that’s gonna get you a lot of hits,” Cuomo said. “I am taking… a regular dose of ivermectin. Ivermectin was a boogeyman during COVID. That was wrong. We were given bad information about ivermectin. The real question is, why?” Cuomo ruminated. Before the former CNN anchor admitted that he was injured by the COVID-19 shots, he had hitherto denounced ivermectin as a “horse dewormer.”

“What matters is, the entire medical community knew that ivermectin couldn’t hurt you. They knew it… I know they knew it. How do I know? Because now I’m doing nothing but talking to these clinicians, who at the time were overwhelmed by COVID, and they weren’t saying anything,” Cuomo lamented.

Unfortunately, it looks like more and more so-called “COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories,” such as the aforementioned correlation between “vaccination” and “excess deaths,” are coming true.

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However, despite mounting evidence of COVID-19 “vaccine”-linked deaths and injuries, disgraced World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus remained intransigent in his commitment to push for the highly controversial “Pandemic Treaty” that would undermine individual states’ sovereignty when dealing with future “pandemics.” Tedros’ remarks came after the 194 WHO member states could not attain unanimous agreement on a draft of the “Pandemic Treaty.”

“This is not a failure. We will try everything – believing that anything is possible – and make this happen because the world still needs a pandemic treaty,” Tedros said.

Reprinted with permission from The Remnant.

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates