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Editor’s note: John Hinshaw is being held in federal custody at the Alexandria Detention Center, Alexandria, Virginia, along with six other pro-life activists for participating in a traditional pro-life rescue of the unborn at a late-term abortion center in Washington, D.C. They face a potential 11 years in prison as they await sentencing in May by pro-abortion Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly under charges of violations of the FACE Act and “conspiracy against rights.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — “Ah! Rebellious and polluted, the tyrannical city. It listens to no voice, accepts no correction. In the Lord it has not trusted, nor drawn near to its God. Its officials within it are roaring lions. Its judges are desert wolves that have no bones to gnaw in the morning.” (Zephaniah 3:1-3)

On Tuesday, May 14, America will stand on the edge of a cliff it has never seen before. Due to its own rabid abortionism and the cowardice that spawned the rabies, America can fall to tyranny by the action of one old, tired, retired and irrelevant judge who “has no bone to gnaw.”

On that date, the first of the Garland Nine – peaceful, pro-life rescuers – will face sentences of up to 11 years in jail for attempting to stop the slaughter of late-term babies in the Santangelo abortion mill in Washington, D.C.  To see what we were trying to stop, just Google #justiceforthefive.

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If you do not yet see the historic importance of these sentencings, scheduled for May 14, 15, and 17, then you must cite when peaceful, civil disobedience has EVER been so threatened and punished in the United States. The fact is that from Thoreau through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. all the way to the recent pro-Hamas demonstrations, NEVER have peaceful civil disobedience faced such legal violence as our federal law enforcement is now practicing! From the abolitionists, the suffragettes, the civil rights movement, anti-Vietnam war protests, anti-nuclear protests, climate alarmists, and even the “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020, NO ONE was threatened with 11 years!!!

We are now entering into the “Fugitive Slave Law” period of our comparable struggle – wherein the slavers/abortionists try to make us all complicit in their evil.

To our ruling class, abortion is sacred; we sacrifice children to it, and they are determined we all genuflect. This I wrote in response to a Michael Novak column 30 years ago, in harmony with Lincoln’s perspective on slavery: We will either lay all our laws, legal systems and institutions at the feet and service of abortion or we will eradicate it. As with slavery, compromise is cooperation.

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So the Washington swamp (or cesspool) with sweeping new anti-terrorist powers has been trained on “domestic terrorists” like peaceful, praying pro-lifers. The largest, most armed, most active, most criminal terrorist organization in the United States is our FBI. The Patriot Act, FISA (“secret”???) Courts, federal law enforcement, the NSA, even Republican half-measures all congeal around Tophet to target people the ruling class doesn’t like. Please remember that the 1869 “conspiracy law” we were convicted of violating is one of the laws Donald Trump is charged with violating. Clearly, our corrupt Department of Justice likes to use it against people it hates. And their hatred grows.  So it truly is a historic moment, and whenever our courts face pro-lifers, it is America that is on the brink of being condemned.

In closing, let us return to that “tyrannical city” written about 2,700 years ago but found again in a modern Capitol. And judges gnawing bones. Come to Washington D.C. on May 14, 15, or 17 to see history!

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