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(LifeSiteNews) — In a just-released video interview with LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen, daytime TV star Austin Peck — who over the years has been a regular fixture on As the World Turns and One Life to Live — talked about what it’s like to have strong convictions concerning protecting the rights of the unborn and standing up to COVID tyranny in the very pro-abortion, COVID-fear-peddling Hollywood.

From ‘hedonist’ to traditional Catholic

“Once I became a Catholic, I had to look back and I realized, you know, what was my belief? What did I really believe before I started to believe in Christ?” said the actor. “I realized I was a hedonist. That’s what I was. I lived for pleasure.”

The actor recounted that as a young man swept up in the fashion industry, he “used to club every night.” The presence of “drag queens and transvestites” was “normal.”

“By the time I was 21, I’d already traveled most of Europe and many other places, so it was a bizarre kind of reality. I started to live in New York, and I started to ask cosmic questions like, ‘What’s the meaning of life?’”

He said that after he had begun attending an evangelical church something happened. He realized “that Jesus was who he said he was,” and that “the Bible was the word of God.”

Peck credits conversations with his sister as being instrumental in the growth of his faith.

“She was giving me Catholic truth, and the Catholic truth was filling in all of these theological holes that Protestants couldn’t answer,” he explained.

Peck said that when he went to a Latin Mass, the Gospel suddenly made more sense. “The Bible blew up and I went, ‘Here’s the torn curtain [in the temple]. Here’s the New Covenant consistent with the Old. Here’s where Christ is the sacrificial lamb. And the reverence, the holiness.’”

“It was its truth that led me to Christ. It’s truth that led me to the Catholic Church. It’s truth that led me to the traditional form,” said Peck.

Life begins at conception. That’s just the way it is.’

“I don’t see it as controversial. I don’t think it’s controversial at all,” Peck told Weston. “I think it’s very simple. Life begins at conception. That’s just the way it is.”

Peck explained that the reason why none of his pro-abortion Hollywood neighbors want to debate when human life begins “is because science actually backs up life at a genetic level. So even if I were to have the conversation, just scientifically, they would lose. And that’s why the conversation never happens.”

“The only thing they have is name-calling: ‘You’re a man. You’re a bigot.’”

“We’re evil for pointing it out. But that’s just demonic. It’s just a demonic tactic. It’s just a diabolical disorientation,” Peck went on to say. “What is abortion but modern-day sacrifice to Molech or Ba’al” asked Peck. “I mean, those demons still exist.”

COVID ‘pandemic’: ‘There’s nothing true about this’

The Hollywood actor talked about abuse by duplicitous politicians engaging in fear mongering regarding mask mandates, and how hard it is to dissuade others from their irrational fears.

“It goes back to what led me to Christ, which is truth. There’s nothing true about this. I have known a lot of people who have had it, I haven’t known anybody who has died from it. If this was a real pandemic, I would not only know a lot of people that would have had it, I would have known a lot of people that would have died from it.”

“Fear is such a great tool,” said Peck. “What they did is they created this boogeyman. When your kid is afraid of the boogeyman, you know there’s no boogeyman underneath the bed, but they’re convinced of it. So their fear is real, no matter how illogical it is. And if you have your kid who’s freaked out, you can show them under the bed, you can go into the closet, and still, they’re convinced” that there’s a boogeyman in their room.

Peck said that in Hollywood he’s surrounded by people that are “completely unreachable. It’s like the face masks are a security blanket, it’s like it’s a symbol, it has nothing to do with what it’s for. It has everything to do with adherence. It has everything to do with a symbol of adherence to an ideology.”

Paying the price for speaking the truth: ‘I may never work again’

The actor has put his money where his mouth is.

“I love acting. I really do. I’ve been in the business since I was 16,” said the actor who is now 50. “I’ve worked consistently since then: In the fashion industry, television, movies. I’ve done theater, plenty of commercials, and fashion prints. So almost everything outside of the big budget film and starring in my own prime time series, I’ve done.”

Yet, “I may never work again,” said Peck.

Why? He explained:

I told my agent, “I’m not getting the vaccine.” I had a conversation with him. I brought up abortion, I brought up everything. I said, “I’m not getting the vaccine and I’m not kissing a dude. Ain’t happening.”

Take a stand, You are not alone

“The reason why evil is able to prevail in many ways is because good people don’t do anything about it. But it’s really hard to do something about it when you feel like you’re all alone,” said Peck.

In closing, Peck spoke about the imperative for people to take a public stand for truth and against the tyranny that is at all of our doorsteps.

We all watch movies about heroes. We all watch movies about these characters that stand up against the machine or some sort of organization that’s doing evil by themselves and we all want to be them. We all want to be that person. … We don’t we don’t watch movies about people that have it all together. We don’t watch movies about the popular crowd and going, I’m one of those.

In our own lives, we [may] find ourselves being the bad guy, going along with, you know, the people in Germany that said, ‘hey, what happened to the Schwarz’s?’

‘I don’t know. They got taken away last night. … ‘Let’s not do anything, just keep our heads down.’ And that’s going on right now.

The bullies are only able to bully because there’s enough people that are afraid to do anything. They work on fear.

“Don’t let the people around you that are taking a stand be alone,” urged Peck. “Stand with them.”