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February 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Gab, a social media alternative to Facebook and Twitter, was briefly taken down Friday evening after a scam attack affected multiple accounts, CEO Andrew Torba said.

Gab’s Twitter account, which went dark around the same time as the Gab site, remains inactive. Twitter has said that it did not take action against the account.

“At 6:09pm EST Gab became aware of several accounts that were posting bitcoin wallet spam and related content. At 6:25pm out of an abundance of caution we brought the site offline in order to immediately assess the situation, solve the problem, and get Gab back online as soon as possible,” a statement by Torba on Friday read.

“Because of our quick action zero bitcoin was sent to any of the addresses posted and the affected accounts have been secured,” the statement continued, adding that the company has “identified and patched a security vulnerability in our codebase.”

Gab confirmed that the issue impacted 12 accounts. A popular placeholder account for President Donald Trump may have been among them.

“Our community has been the target of state-level actors, both foreign and domestic, political activist groups and terrorists, and enemies of free speech from around the world for nearly five years,” Gab’s statement read.

Andrew Torba reported earlier this morning that a third bank cut ties with the company in less than a month. Google and Apple also have blacklisted the free speech, Christian-run social media platform and banned other apps developed by the company on all iOS and Android devices.

Gab nevertheless has grown rapidly since Big Tech unleashed an unprecedented purge of Republicans and conservatives, including President Trump and many of his top allies, following the Capitol protest on January 6. Torba has said that the site has garnered hundreds of millions of page views and tens of millions of new visitors since early January.

“Gab is scaling to serve tens of millions of people in the biggest mass exodus in internet history,” Torba said on Friday.

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