LONDON, May 12, 2003 ( – Two British social workers were threatened with the loss of their jobs for informally criticizing homosexual adoption. An official letter of warning was sent to Dawn Jackson and Norah Ellis after they expressed their opposition to the practice, following by their reassignment to a different section—even though Mrs. Ellis, 46, and a Christian, has a 26-year “exemplary” record.  The letter of rebuke said: “I must warn you at the outset that, if you maintain that you are not able to work with same-sex couples, it is likely that I will have to terminate your employment.”  Ellis said: “I am not homophobic but the welfare of the child must come first, ahead of any politically-correct policies of equal opportunity. Adoption is about helping children in care. It is not about issues of the homosexual lifestyle.” Mrs. Jackson, added: “We were compromised by what happened and lost faith in the senior management. I am concerned that there are many other people in the country with Christian, personal or professional concerns about same-sex adoption who would be afraid to speak out because they fear for their jobs.”  For local coverage: