Guest article by Julio Severo

BRAZIL, December 12, 2007 ( – I A radical homosexual group inside the Brazilian Workers’ Party is requesting disciplinary action against Brazilian House Representative Henrique Afonso, a party member. According to the Setorial Nacional GLBT (a group of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals within the Worker’s Party), Rep. Afonso, who is an evangelical, has allegedly been “offensive” to homosexuals, because he “has linked homosexuality to the destruction of the family environment”.

Afonso respects individuals living in homosexuality, but he believes that their behavior is immoral and opposed to God’s sexual plan for the human beings.

So homosexual activists from the Workers’ Party are requesting the party’s National Secretariat for Popular Movements take measures against Henrique Afonso. It believes that he has violated party statutes because he is opposed to abortion and homosexual behavior.

Gay and feminist militants within the party are offended because Afonso has been demonstrating firm biblical conviction on the subject of abortion and homosexuality. They complain that the evangelical congressman signed an official paper on March 2, 2007 that outlines the decisive factors contributing to the destruction of the family environment, and the challenges that should be confronted (for instance, abortion, homosexuality, child prostitution, drugs, high divorce rates, social exclusion, media influence), aiming at the recovery of the true role that the family has in the construction of a just, compassionate, and fraternal society.

Rep. Afonso is the founder of the National Evangelical Campaign in Defense of Life and Family[1], officially launched in the Brazilian Congress on September 18, which had the participation of several evangelical leaders. The purpose of the effort is to discuss infanticide, abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia, as well as to discuss those who are persecuted for attacking these problems. They are individuals such as Márcia Suzuki, the renowned Brazilian philosopher Olavo of Carvalho, the Rev. Ademir Kreutzfeld, Cardinal Dom Eugênio Sales, Rep. Henrique Afonso, Fr. Luiz Carlos Lodi of Cruz, Dr. Humberto L. Vieira, Dr. Rozangela Justino, Rev. Silas Malafaia and Julio Severo.

In the past, Afonso was a radical communist militant, but he is now increasingly a militant for Christ, despite his membership in the Worker’s Party. The Workers’ Party is the socialist party of President Lula, a friend of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, and it openly promotes pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality policies.

Under Lula and the Workers’ Party, sodomy has been endorsed though aggressive public policies, especially the pro-homosexual propaganda campaign “Brazil Without Homophobia”, and has been introduced in three successive pioneer resolutions in the United Nations, where the Brazilian diplomatic delegation defended homosexuality as an unalienable “human right”.

Congressman Henrique Afonso had a strong experience with the Holy Spirit some months ago, and now he is firmly opposing the homosexual and abortion bills and agenda of his own party. He is taking his National Evangelical Campaign in Defense of Life and Family to every Brazilian state to make Christian and concerned citizens conscious about the perils of pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality bills and laws.

Currently, he runs the risk of being expelled from PT and losing his congressional seat.


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