Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent


Socialist president of Ecuador rejects homosexual ‘marriage’ and adoption as contrary to nature

Matthew Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

June 3, 2013 ( – Ecuador’s socialist president Rafael Correa has announced his opposition to homosexual “marriage” and adoption of children in an interview with the Ecuadoran television channel RTS, saying that the latter is contrary to nature and to the welfare of children.

“I’m not in agreement with the adoption of children on the part of couples of the same sex, because I think that nature has to be given its due, and children should be in a traditional family, constituted by a man and a woman,” Correa reportedly said.

Calling the family “the foundation of the society,” Correa told RTS that “one can’t be carried along by fashions.  One must be led by principles, values, beliefs,” and described himself as “very progressive in the economic and social sense, but rather conservative regarding moral issues.”

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Noting that the Ecuadoran constitution already has provisions for homosexual civil unions, and that he has never supported homosexual “marriage,” Correa added that such proposals are “foolishness, novelties that are doing much damage to the efforts of the left in Latin America and around the world, because they often place us before impossibilities that aren’t even remotely important in the face of squalor and poverty.” 

Responding to homosexual organizations that have blasted Correa for not supporting gay “marriage,” the president said that a final option would be to put the matter up to a nationwide referendum, a proposal rejected by the homosexualist GLTBI Equality Foundation. 

“We’re opposed to this kind of referendum because we know that we are going to lose,” said the organization’s president, Efraín Soria, to the French Press Agency (AFP). Soria also asserted that homosexual “marriage” is a “human right” that Correa is obligated to protect under the Constitution’s anti-discrimination provisions.

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