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(LifeSiteNews) – Major Stephen Chledowski of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recently spoke out against the provincial and federal governments in a video, saying that politicians have used “bullying tactics of fear” and “coercion” throughout the declared pandemic.

He began his “urgent message” to Canadians by sharing that he has served in the CAF for more than 20 years, holds a “first class honours degree” in political science, and has held several command positions.

“For nearly two years,” governments have “intimidated” and “used financial and physical violence … to gain compliance for certain medical procedures,” he said.

He rhetorically asked why we “allow our leaders do this to us” when “we know it is wrong.”

Politicians “have knowingly and repeatedly violated the highest laws in the land,” he continued, referring to violations against constitutional rights found in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

“Canadians have been lulled into believing that the same government who suppresses your freedoms in the name of safety will one day just reward you back with your freedoms if you just comply for every changing rules.”

Chledowski called the behaviour of the government “the very definition of tyranny.”

“Humans are inherently free,” he said. “Government cronies can’t give you your basic human rights … they can’t be taken.”

He believes that the government has “knowingly betrayed you” in the name of safety and is following a “plan” to do so.

Major Chledowski told a story about standing in front of a war memorial in New Brunswick last Remembrance Day listening to the Premier of New Brunswick honouring fallen Canadian soldiers who had died “for their freedoms.”

Chledowski participated in Operation Medusa in Afghanistan in 2006 which he called “the largest combat operation for Canada since the Korean War.”

“I watched my own brave comrades fight and get injured and die.”

As an unvaccinated soldier who fought for the freedoms that politicians honour on Remembrance Day, he is unable to partake in the constitutional freedoms of Canada that he fought to uphold due to vaccine segregation measures.

Because of federal vaccination restrictions for air travel, the soldier said that he has been able to fly and see his own child.

“These government traitors to freedom are supressing the rights of the very people they claim to honour, and it made me sick to my stomach,” he said.

He called on the medical community to put an immediate end to administering the abortion-tainted COVID jabs to children, as he mentioned the harmful effects the shots have had on kids.

The push to vaccinate young children comes despite the fact that children face extremely low risk from COVID-19. This combined with the thousands of reports of serious adverse events and deaths after the jabs has led numerous experts to criticize the push to inject children with the experimental shots.

This summer, researchers with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found a “mortality rate of zero among children without a preexisting medical condition such as leukemia” when they “analyze[d] approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020.”

“The Canadian public has a right to make informed medical choices, especially for little children” Chledowski said.

Near the end of the video, he called on his “military and police comrades … to stand up and protect your loved ones against this government enforced medical tyranny.”

“We cannot let freedom die with this generation; may God forever bless the free citizens of Canada.”

Chledowski is currently under investigation from the CAF for his comments, but it has not been determined what might happen to him at this time.