By Terry Vanderheyden

LOS ANGELES, January 11, 2006 ( – Sony Music has launched a label geared to homosexuals.

Called Music with a Twist, Sony’s new label is a joint project with Wilderness Media & Entertainment – the founders of MTV’s homosexual channel, LOGO. Wilderness CEO Matt Farber called the venture “An idea whose time has come,” adding that “only now are media and entertainment brands being created for the gay and lesbian audience following the success of brands for other minorities,” according to a Reuters report.

The label aims to release music targeting the homosexual community with music that is popular with the group, as well as nurture budding homosexual musicians.

Wilderness Media also announced plans this week for a homosexual radio show to debut on FM and internet radio, called “Twist.”

On top of its homosexual advocacy, Sony has a history of pro-abortion support. According to Interim writer Tony Gosgnach, “Sony Music stirred up controversy during the 1996 Christmas season when it released the recordings O Come All Ye Faithful and Just Say Noel, which were described as alternative Christmas music designed to raise money for the pro-abortion organizations Rock for Choice, the Feminist Majority Foundation, and Planned Parenthood.”

“The controversy continued into the 1997 Christmas season, when Sony was poised to distribute O Come All Ye Faithful again,” Gosgnach explained. “That development prompted the Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Bernard Law, to write the president of Sony, calling the distribution of such a recording during one of Christianity’s foremost feasts ‘appalling.’”

Among other things, Rock for Choice supports the repeal of U.S. laws requiring parental consent for teen abortions, and they oppose restrictions on federal funding of abortion. The group also supports “massive pro-choice community organizing.” It describes legal abortion as “the most spiritual of gifts.”

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