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Help Canadian Dad who was fired for refusing vax: LifeFunder

DAVOS, Switzerland (LifeSiteNews) — George Soros, a globalist and billionaire funder of radical leftists, yesterday declared that COVID-19 has helped “legitimize” control methods enabled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Soros’ comment came during remarks delivered at the 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) annual Davos summit, as he touched on the danger he said AI poses to free societies.

Soros declared that “Repressive regimes are now in the ascendant and open societies are under siege,” and pointed to the countries he said he believes pose “the greatest threat to open society” today: China and Russia.

“I have pondered long and hard why that should have happened. I found part of the answer in the rapid development of digital technology, especially artificial intelligence,” continued Soros, who has had several editorials published by the WEF.

“In theory, AI ought to be politically neutral: it can be used for good or bad. But in practice the effect is asymmetric. AI is particularly good at producing instruments of control that help repressive regimes and endanger open societies,” he went on, adding, “Covid-19 also helped legitimize instruments of control because they are really useful in dealing with the virus.”

Indeed, not only nations ordinarily considered “repressive,” but the majority of countries across the globe had become “closed” to various degrees during the COVID-19 outbreak, with countries like France and Canada, for example, both led by WEF Young Global Leaders, implementing COVID passports to control access to public venues, and restricting international travel.

In fact, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada continues to enforce some of the most stringent international travel controls in the world, even as U.S. health professionals, for example, widely acknowledge that COVID-19 is becoming “more and more like the common cold.”

Catholic Family News editor Matt Gaspers called Soros’ admission that COVID-19 helped facilitate greater control “interesting,” but added, “he’s wrong about ‘instruments of control’ being effective for ‘dealing with the virus, noting, “Lockdowns don’t work.”

Soros himself has also furthered the restriction of freedoms in the name of COVID-19 and other social causes through his Open Society Foundations network. Last September, the American Civil Liberties Union, which received over $37 million from Soros between 2000 and 2014 alone, said mandatory COVID injections will “further civil liberties.”

Yuval Noah Harari, an adviser to WEF founder and chairman Klaus Schwab, has called the outbreak of COVID-19 “a kind of watershed event for surveillance,” not just because surveillance is “spreading everywhere with the disease” but because it is being implemented “under the skin,” that is, it is literally monitoring our internal physical state and health status.

The “instruments of control” that, according to Soros, are enabled by AI and “legitimized” by COVID-19 facilitate what Harari calls “digital dictatorships.”

“Dictators always dreamt about completely eliminating privacy, monitoring everybody all the time and knowing everything you do, and not just everything you do, but even everything you think and everything you feel … They could never do it because it was technically impossible; now it’s possible,” Harari explained to New York Times moderator Liz Alderman during the Athens Democracy Forum, in a now-viral video.

The WEF not only supports widespread surveillance in the name of COVID — endorsing, for example, track-and-trace apps in order to “isolate infected persons from the uninfected” — but asks how governments can “enable the healthcare system” to use digital contract tracing “beyond COVID-19.”

The question for Soros, the WEF, and the group’s associates remains: Where do they draw the line between “repressive” controls and “beneficial” ones?

Help Canadian Dad who was fired for refusing vax: LifeFunder