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BALTIMORE (LifeSiteNews) — Former Democrat State’s Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby is seeking probation and a presidential pardon following her conviction for making false statements in loan applications she made for Florida vacation homes by taking advantage of COVID-19 relief funds, while federal prosecutors demand jail time for the disgraced leftist prosecutor.

Mosby, an anti-police, pro-Black Lives Matter prosecutor backed by far-left billionaire George Soros, was convicted in November on two counts of perjury after claiming she had “adverse financial consequences” due to COVID despite the fact that her 2020 salary was “never reduced,” failing to disclose $45,000 in unpaid back taxes, and falsely claiming she would be the primary resident at one of the homes to get a lower rate despite planning to rent it out. 

The misrepresentations were to take advantage of a financial assistance provision of the federal CARES Act, a $2 trillion package enacted in the last year of the Trump administration the implementation of which has been rife with financial abuse, perverse medical incentives, and controversial impacts unrelated to COVID.

Now, the Baltimore Sun reports that prosecutors are seeking a prison sentence of 20 months, whereas Mosby’s attorneys want her to only serve a year of supervised release. Her crimes carry a maximum penalty of up to 40 years, but federal sentencing guidelines recommend a range of 18-24 months.

In the meantime, backed by the left-wing NAACP, Mosby is publicly asking for a pardon from President Joe Biden, claiming her prosecution was politically motivated. While the investigation into her activities began under the Trump administration, she was not charged until 2022, well after Biden took over. The White House has so far declined to indicate whether she will be pardoned.

“To believe Ms. Mosby and the NAACP, you would have to believe that the Biden administration conspired with its predecessor Trump administration and with a Democratic United States Attorney, a Democratic federal judge, and two Democratic juries to convict Ms. Mosby of concocted crimes because they were terrified of her progressive law enforcement views,” conservative columnist Armstrong Williams wrote on Thursday.

Prosecutors also want one of Mosby’s vacation homes, a condo on the Gulf of Mexico she bought for $476,000, to be seized and resold to offset the money she owes.

The case highlights the scale of the fraud opportunities unleashed by the federal government’s COVID response in 2020, on top of its economic impact and infringements on basic freedom. Last fall, the New York Times reported that more than half of the money distributed in the name of “medical emergency” remained unspent as of March 2023.