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November 21, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — If people care about political and financial transparency, they should talk more about George Soros, British Eurosceptic politician Nigel Farage recently told the European Parliament.

He added that in doing so “we may be looking on the biggest level of international political collusion in history.”

Farage’s November 14 statement came during a debate on leaked documents called The Paradise Papers, which shed some light on politicians’ offshore investments throughout the world. The database containing 13.4 million files originated from the offshore law firm Appleby, and is still being analyzed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)

Initial coverage on the Papers by the mainstream media focused mainly on British royalty, some celebrities, big corporations, and Donald Trump’s entourage. At the beginning, it could be considered a tool against the Trump administration. However, the papers also contain the names of prominent Democratic donors, among them Soros. Though his name has been mentioned, few specifics have been given about the U.S. billionaire.

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An exception to this media silence has been Spencer Woodman of the ICIJ. Woodman wrote, “Private equity funds controlled by Democratic mega-donor George Soros used Appleby to help manage a web of offshore entities.” Woodman cites a document detailing “the complex ownership structure of a company called S Re Ltd that was involved in reinsurance, or insurance for insurers. The structure … included entities based in the tax havens of Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands.”

Woodman added that “a spokesperson for Soros — who has donated money to ICIJ and other journalism outlets through his charitable organization, the Open Society Foundations — declined to comment for this story.”

Possibly, members of the European Parliament including Farage did not know that Soros’ name appeared in the Paradise Papers. Of course, having an offshore account is not necessarily illegal. At any rate, Farage argued that we should be interested in Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) because the grant-making giant recently received $18 billion from its founder.

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What’s more, Farage pointed out that the group’s influence in the European Commission and Parliament is “truly extraordinary.” For instance, last year, OSF had 42 meetings with the European Commission, and even published a list of “reliable friends in the European Parliament with 226 names on it.” This constitutes 30 percent of all 751 members.

According to Farage, to have a debate “on full political and financial transparency,” those 226 members of the European Parliament identified as “friends” by OSF should answer a couple of “fair questions.” The first one is if they ever received funds directly or indirectly from OSF. The second is how many of their events they attended. Farage also wanted them to disclose a list of any meetings, with the representatives (of OSF), including Soros. He also called on the Parliament to create “a special committee to look into all of this.”

Paradoxically, it is possible that putting liberal Soros and his OSF on the spot was caused by the actions of left-leaning politicians and media. Farage remarked that “the use of money and the influence it may have had on the Brexit result or the Trump elections has reached the level of virtual hysteria.” Farage indicated that when  political subversion, collusion and offshore money are discussed, “maybe we are looking in the wrong place?”

In Britain, he said, the Electoral Commission recently launched an investigation to find out whether the Leave Campaign (pro-Brexit) took offshore or Russian money. This investigation was the result of questions asked by MP Ben Bradshaw, who, Farage explained, is linked to Soros’ OFS.

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Across the Atlantic, Russian influence in American elections is the subject of investigation in the House and Senate, as well as by the Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller. While the left-leaning media constantly accuse Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians, House Republicans talk about Soros’ meddling in the elections of different countries. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, has recently spoken about Soros’ organizations manipulating elections in Macedonia. What’s more, with U.S. taxpayers’ money, King added. He also said the book of notorious activist Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals, a guide for radical change, was translated into Macedonian. The disruptive techniques described in the book “were manifested within the election efforts in that part of the world.”

Political transparency should not be a partisan issue. Just as the Americans have the right to know the truth about Russian influence in the U.S. elections, they also have the right to know how their tax dollars are being used to manipulate elections abroad.