Says Planned Parenthood Worse Than Any Terrorists

PRETORIA, October 24, 2001 ( – In the National Assembly today, Cheryllyn Dudley, MP for the African Christian Democratic Party and Member of the Health Portfolio Committee, presented a Notice of Motion against Planned Parenthood.

The text of the motion moved on behalf of the ACDP was that the House:

“Notes with horror that while the world focuses on fighting terrorism the bigger enemy of the human race escalates its diabolical activities with virtually no opposition;

Condemns the actions of Planned Parenthood in New York and the United Nations Population fund, who are advancing their unscrupulous agenda in the name of charity, taking advantage of people when they are their most vulnerable; in the wake of the collapse of the World Trade Towers, Planned Parenthood is offering free abortions to New Yorkers, and the UN is offering free abortions to Afghan refugees;

Notes that Planned Parenthood International is the world’s biggest non-governmental abortion provider and has helped lobby for the legislation abortion in South Africa;

Acknowledges that while the Democratic world’s fight against terrorism is understandable, home based terrorists, largely sponsored by American money, that is, Planned Parenthood and the UN, tally a death toll second to none. Planned Parenthood alone has killed more New Yorkers than Osama bin Laden has and these figures pale in comparison with the children they have murdered in Africa, Asia and South America;

Calls on South Africans and the people of the world to recognize their most insidious enemy, thriving in their midst and being protected by their own legislation and rally to eradicate it. This enemy murders the unborn children of the world in broad daylight with the approval and encouragement of our governments.”

See the press release from the ACDP website: