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Suzanne Mazzola

TAMARAC, FL, February 12, 2015 ( — Thirty-four-year-old Suzanne Mazzola, a special education teacher from Tamarac, FL died February 2 after giving birth to her fourth child, son Owen. She suffered from placenta accreta, a rare life-threatening condition that causes the blood vessels in the placenta to attach too deeply to the uterine wall triggering severe bleeding.

Mazzola was aware that carrying Owen to term could possibly jeopardize her life. Still, she made the selfless decision to offer her son the best chance at life.

“Suzanne was given the option to take the baby very early in the pregnancy,” Janet Free, Mazzola’s aunt, said on the family’s You Care page. “But being the wonderful strong woman and mother that she was and understanding the personal risk, she chose to wait until 35 weeks when the baby would be strong enough to survive.”

Mazzola began to hemorrhage after a C-section was performed to deliver Owen. Despite the efforts of 15 doctors she passed away.


“She often mentioned how scared she was,” said Grace Duran, Mazzola’s co-worker. “We always told her to have faith and be positive. But we never thought this would be the outcome.”

“Our beautiful Suzanne passed away while in surgery but she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy,” said Free. “Owen Gabriel Mazzola, born weighing 6lbs 2oz. Owen, meaning little warrior; Gabriel, meaning god is my strength.”

The family had thrown Mazzola a baby shower the night before Owen was due for delivery. Pictures on their You Care site show Mazzola at the shower enjoying a tea party with her five-year-old daughter Ella.

“When the baby shower was over, Suzanne left for the hospital to prep for a very risky C-section the next morning,” Free said. “We all said our goodbyes with smiling faces, never imagining it would be the last time we would see her.”

In addition to Owen and Ella, Mazzola leaves behind husband Joseph, and sons Matteo, seven, and Luca, two. As of press time, the family raised nearly $70,000 towards its $100,000 goal to help Joseph Mazzola raise their four children. The page can be accessed HERE