MADRID, Feb 7 (LifeSiteNews) – On Monday Spanish public hospitals and some private clinics began selling the deadly chemical abortion drug RU-486 (Mifegyne). Agence France Press reports that the health ministry has said that the pills will not be available in pharmacies but only in hospitals and clinics.  Furthermore, the 50 Euros which will be charged for the drugs will be reimbursed at tax payers expense if the abortion takes place in a hospital.

The moral decline in Spain began in the sixties when the birth rate of the once strongly Catholic country began to plummet. LifeSite reported in January that Spain now has the lowest birth rate in the world (1.07) as indicated by data released at the end of last year.  The 1999 fecundity survey by the National Statistics Institute (INE) confirmed that, in the past 28 years, Spain’s birth rate has halved. The INE report reveals that in university-  educated women aged 25-34, the birth rate is only 0.33.

In 1985 Spain permitted the killing of children in the womb up to the eighth week of pregnancy in cases of rape, fetal deformation and health risk to the mother.

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