Spain to Teach Children From Age 10 to Accept Homosexuality

Mon Jul 17, 2006 - 12:15 pm EST

By Gudrun Schultz

Spain's Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez ZapateroMADRID, Spain, July 17, 2006 ( – Spanish children as young as 10 will be taught pro-homosexual material as part of a new school curriculum, the Telegraph reported Friday.

The socialist government revealed plans last week to include teaching about the homosexual lifestyle in the schools, emphasizing the normalcy of homosexual relationships. The general secretary for education, Alejandro Tiana, said the move was necessary because “children need to learn there are various types of families.”

The inclusion of homosexual material in schools is the latest in a string of anti-family, anti-faith policies instituted by Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.Â

Spain’s law recognizing same-sex “marriages” was passed by the Zapatero government just over one year ago, despite strong opposition by much of the population. The law also permits adoption of children by homosexual couples.

The government has also authorized embryonic stem cell research, as well as relaxed the divorce laws.

The curricula announcement comes as a further slight to the Vatican, as it was announced just days after Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Valencia for the 5th meeting of the World Family Forum. The Spanish government has been openly provocative toward the Catholic Church on the issue, scheduling a homosexual conference on the day before the Holy Father arrived.

Last March, Spanish pro-family organizations called for the resignation of Alejandro Tiana after the education secretary said parents do not hold primary authority in educating their children.

n a modern educational system, the State cannot be given a subsidiary role with respect to families,” he said. Eduardo Hertfelder, president of Spain’s Institute for Family Policy, said the statements were an attack on the rights of parents, which are protected by Spain’s constitution, the Catholic News Agency reported at the time.

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