September 20, 2012 ( – Carlos Morín, an abortionist who is facing over one hundred criminal charges for killing unborn children after the maximum age allowed under law and falsifying documents to cover up the crime, has told the court that the meat grinders found in his clinics by police were not for disposing of overage fetal corpses, but rather for destroying chickens and “piglets” used for teaching veterinarians surgical techniques.

Morín, who has been dubbed Spain’s “abortion mogul” and “Dr. Death,” is charged with 115 counts of illegal abortions carried out in his network of clinics, in which he allegedly falsified psychological diagnoses of “danger to the mother’s health” to justify killing unborn children.  He is refusing to answer questions posed by prosecutors and is only responding to his attorney, according to local news agencies. 

Spanish law prohibits late term abortions unless certain conditions are met, including pregnancy by rape and a diagnosis of danger to the health of the mother, which can include psychological health, a nebulous diagnosis that can be used to justify virtually any abortion.

Morin has already been to jail once, in 1989, also for illegal abortions. For his more recent alleged crimes, prosecutors are asking for more than 300 years in prison. Eleven doctors and nurses associated with Morín are also being tried with him, and may face decades of imprisonment for their own alleged infractions of the law.

Morín’s infamous abortion empire, which attracted underage girls and late-term pregnant women from all over Europe, was sued by the Catalonian pro-life group E-Cristians in 2006, and its practices exposed in a hidden camera investigation by Danish television reporters in 2007. Spain’s Intereconomia Television followed up with its own hidden camera documentary on another, unnamed clinic, exposing similar abuses and showing late term abortions for the first time on national television.

The scandal caused an uproar and resulted in the relaxation of Spain’s abortion laws by the then-reigning Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party, a reform that the current administration has promised to eliminate in favor of protecting the unborn.

Amparo Alons of the Spanish association Right to Life, who was present at the trial, told the El Razon newspaper that “Carlos Morín is a mass murderer of children, people who don’t have a voice nor a vote” and that Morín would “pass into history as a type of Hitler.”  Pro-lifers demonstrated outside the trial, chanting “child murderer.”

The issue of immunity for witnesses, many of whom received illegal abortions at the clinic, still looms over the trial, and is likely to be crucial for the success of the prosecution.