Spain’s Abortion Rate Doubles Over 10 Years

MADRID, February 11, 2005 ( – Spain’s abortion rate has continued to climb, despite the supposed reality that abortion remains illegal there – with the exception of rape, fetal deformity, or “physical or psychiatric risk” to the mother, according to a Catholic News Agency Report. The abortion rate has more than doubled to 80,000 in 2003, compared to the numbers of a decade before. 

Statistics released by the Superior Council of Scientific Research revealed that “repeat abortions have doubled since the beginning of the 1990s,” according to a Spanish daily La Razon report. 

The study also revealed that abortions committed for the so-called psychological or physical health of the mother account for more than 97% of all abortions, while 2.5% are for fetal deformity, and 0.1% for rape. 

Statistics also revealed that abortions among co-habitating couples has skyrocketed – in 1991, these accounted for 4,470 abortions – in 2003, this group had three times as many abortions, at 12,500. 


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