Spain’s Gay “Marriage” Law to Face Constitutional Challenge

DENIA, July 22, 2005 ( - The new Spanish legislation calling homosexual partnerings ‘marriage’ is to be subject to a legal challenge by a judge who refused to participate in such a ‘wedding.’

Judge Laura Alabau of the city of Denia in southwestern Spain refused to “marry” a lesbian couple and has filed a legal challenge against the reform of Spain’s Civil Code allowing same-sex couples to contract “marriage.”

Judge Alabau is basing her argument on article 32 of the country’s Constitution, which says, “Men and women have the right to contract marriage with full juridical equality.” The constitution also allows judges to file constitutional challenges.

The Spanish citizens group Family Forum has vowed to continue to fight the new law and the Spanish bishops have called upon citizens to reject and oppose it. Commenting on the passage of the Canadian gay ‘marriage’ law, Benigno Blanco, Vice president of the Spanish Family Forum told Fides News Service “What is happening in many parts of the world is a syndrome of our day as absolute relativism establishes its reign in more and more consciences in the West and people no longer know the truth of things or even of their own human nature.”


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