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(LifeSiteNews) — The co-founder of Spain’s right-wing Vox party was shot in the face on Thursday while reportedly on the way to protest the socialist government’s decision to issue amnesty for separatist leaders.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras, 78, was “rushed” to the hospital in critical condition, “but is expected to survive,” Human Events reported.

He was shot while leaving his home in Madrid in an incident that is said to involve multiple assailants. One of the attackers was described by a witness as a “young, small man” who was “loitering” near Vidal-Quadras’ home.

The man, who fled the scene on a motorcycle, remains at large.

Visegrád 24 reported that Vidal-Quadras “was about to protest against” the decision of Spain’s government, led by socialist acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez, to issue amnesty for separatist leaders.” 

The news outlet shared a video Thursday of police “charging” right-wing Spaniards protesting the Sanchez government’s decision to grant amnesty to the politicians and activists “behind the illegal 2017 Catalan independence referendum.”

Vox Party president Santiago Abascal said regarding the attack on Quadras that it is “too early to make conjectures” but added that they “don’t rule out any motive in what was an attack.”

“I want to convey my solidarity and wishes for a speedy recovery to Alejo Vidal-Quadras,” Sanchez wrote on X.

“All my affection at this time for him and his family. We trust that the investigation can clarify the facts as soon as possible and those responsible will be arrested,” Sanchez added.

Amnesty for separatist leaders “could seal a win for Sanchez,” who ranked second by votes during the recent federal elections, “but could become prime minister as the Popular Party fails to form a coalition,” Human Events reported.

Vidal-Quadras left the conservative, Christian-democratic People’s Party in 2014 to co-found the Vox party, which is now the only pro-life, pro-family party currently represented in Spain’s parliament.

In 2020, Twitter silenced the official Vox account, alleging that the party had incited hatred on the platform, inciting concerns that media companies are in league with the increasingly totalitarian posture of the reigning Socialist Party.

The move came after Abascal tweeted that the socialist government is “promoting pedophilia with public funds.” 

Vox took aim at Adriana Lastra, Socialist Party undersecretary general, telling her, “What we can’t stand is for you to come into our house and tell us how we should live and how we should educate our children. And even less if you promote pedophilia with public money.”

The Vox tweet was a response to an earlier tweet by Lastra, who wrote regarding the conservative party:

They don’t support the LGTBI collective, they do not support same-sex marriage, they do not support equality between men and women, they do not support that their retrograde ideas are not those of the whole society. They shouldn’t call it freedom; it’s hate.