By Peter J. Smith

MURCIA, Spain, July 24, 2007 ( – A Spanish judge ruled in June that a woman must leave her lesbian relationship for the sake of her children or give up custody of them to the father, her former husband, in a controversial story that has just come to light.

Homosexual advocacy groups have begun clamoring for an investigation into Fernando Ferrin Calamita, a family court judge in the southeastern city of Murcia who has insisted that the “most prestigious specialists” and “common sense” say homosexual environments are damaging to the development of children.

In his June 6 decision Ferrin Calamita ruled that “the homosexual condition harms the children,” and gave the mother until the end of June to choose either her lesbian partner or keep her two daughters by resuming a heterosexual lifestyle. Until then, he bequeathed custody of the children to the father, who had divorced the mother after discovering she was living a double-life as a lesbian.

“It is understood that [a parent’s] drug addiction, child abuse, prostitution, belonging to a satanic sect or heterosexual affair would negatively affect the children and serve as a reason for a change of custody,” said Ferrin Calamita according to the Spanish news agency EFE. “Well, it’s the same with homosexuality,”

“Children have a right to a father and a mother, but not to two mothers or two fathers,” the judge continued in his ruling saying that upon this fact both the “most prestigious specialists” and “common sense” agree. “The man and the woman are complementary to each other. Two women or two men, not.”

He added, “It is a homosexual atmosphere that harms minors and substantially increases the risk that they will turn that way too.”

In another case in April, Ferrin Calamita applied the same principle against two lesbians intent on adopting.

Unfortunately Judge Ferrin Calamita’s jurisprudence runs counter to the prevailing agenda of Prime Minister Jose Zapatero’s Socialist government, which has made forcing homosexual “marriage” and adoption on Spain among its top priorities. In 2005, the Socialist government legalised same-sex “marriage” despite the opposition of Spain’s Catholic Church and other pro-family groups.

Murcia’s Supreme Court has now opened disciplinary proceedings against Ferrin Calamita at the behest of homosexualist organisations.

On Monday, 15 feminist and homosexualist organisations also filed a complaint before Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary, demanding that it investigate Ferrin Calamita. The council has said it too will investigate.