Spanish Magistrate Refuses to Perform Another Gay Marriage

By Gudrun Schultz

DÉNIA, Spain, March 23, 2006 ( – The Spanish judge who refused to “marry” a homosexual couple this past summer has turned away another gay partnership.

Magistrate Laura Alabau, who heads the Civil Registry in Dénia, lodged an appeal against Spain’s new gay ‘marriage’ law with the Constitutional Court last July, after refusing to accept a marriage application from a homosexual couple.

The Constitutional Court rejected Alabau’s appeal in a ruling late last year, on the basis that the heads of Civil Registries performed an administrative function and not a judicial one.

She has now refused a second gay couple’s application to marry on the grounds that they are not covered under Spanish law, since they are both British. She has argued that Spain’s law is not equivalent to the British law allowing gay civil unions, Typically Spanish News reported yesterday.

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