MADRID, September 22, 2005 ( – Spain’s opposition Popular Party (PP) announced Sunday their decision to appeal the new same-sex “marriage” and adoption laws as unconstitutional. PP secretary general Angelo Acebes said the party “never doubted the unconstitutional nature of the law and had instructed its legal office to make the appeal.”

Spain’s Socialist-led government legalized same-sex “marriage” June 30. The measure, which passed by a margin of 187-147 in Spain’s Congress of Deputies, also legalized the adoption of children by homosexual couples, and granted same-sex couples inheritance rights.

Eduardo Hertfelder, president of Spain’s Family Policy Institute, welcomed the decision of the PP. “With this action the PP shows its sense of responsibility,” he said, according to a Fides news report. Hertfelder is optimistic that the appeal will succeed: “Only a year ago we thought an appeal was impossible but today the situation is Spain is completely different. A strong, coordinated family movement is exerting strong social and political pressure. Our political leaders realise they cannot govern and ignore this movement.”

Ignacio Arsuaga, President of HazteOir platform, asserted that, “What we see is the start of a revolution to protect the family and it will put the family at the centre of social life.”

At least one million protesters descended upon Madrid in June to rally against the measure, making it by far the largest protest ever against attempts to impose same-sex marriage.

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