MADRID, June 29, 2005 ( – Spain’s federal government will be facing more massive protests against the legitimization of homosexual unions if President Zapatero refuses to meet with representatives of the Family Forum. The group has pledged more rallies but has little time left since the bill is set for a vote tomorrow.

The Family Forum staged one of the world’s largest rallies protesting these measures with between 1.5 and 2 million attendees. Support from Christians and others opposed to the eradication of the family in Spanish law flooded in from across the globe with messages coming from as far away as Catholic groups in Mongolia.

Along with the legalizing of homosexual unions, the Spanish bill includes a clause allowing ‘quickie divorce’ perhaps in tacit acknowledgement that 75 percent of homosexuals are unable to maintain fidelity to their same-sex partner. To complete the simulation of marriage, the bill also proposes to allow homosexual partners to adopt children.

The group presented a petition to the government bearing 600,000 signatures in addition to the half million previously collected and is pressing the government to hold a referendum on same-sex ‘marriage.’ Family Forum vice-president Benigno Blanco told reporters that the group had rejected a previous offer to meet with government vice-president María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, insisting that the president “is the only one capable of rectification.”

As with most formerly Catholic countries, Spain is increasingly secularized with many who call themselves Catholic opposing the teaching of the Church on the sacredness of human sexuality. Whereas Spaniards are 84.06% Catholic, a survey released in May by pollster Instituto Opina showed 62% of Spaniards support the government’s action on this issue and only 30% oppose it. However, defenders of life and family have learned question such poll results which can often be generated by asking skillfully crafted questions to produce a politically desired result.