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(LifeSiteNews) — The Spanish rendition of the animated short The Procedure, a film depicting the horrors of abortion, was released Saturday and swiftly went viral on social media.

Pro-life Catholic actor Eduardo Verastegui, who starred in the 2006 pro-life movie Bella, voices the animation’s Spanish version in place of Christian actor Kevin Sorbo, who narrates the English version. Both renditions are produced by CHOICE42 and

Spanning four minutes, the animated short tells “the true story of a hospital ultrasound tech who assisted in a second trimester abortion and how he decided to never assist with another one.”

“In spite of releasing Saturday evening (not usually prime time to release on social media), The Procedure has already been viewed more than 447k times on Verastegui’s platforms alone,” a press release announced. “These views do not include the views on CHOICE42’s platforms or on”

The release stated that the English version “took about a week to reach 1.2 million views” and that “creators expect this video to reach the same number by midweek or sooner.”

In a January 28 Twitter post, Verastegui announced the release and expressed his gratitude to have been a part of such a powerful project.

“I present to you the animated short film ‘The Procedure,’” he wrote. “Thank you for inviting me to provide the narrating voice. I’m sure it will impact you. The short film shows the truth of what abortion is: murder of innocent babies.”

The film follows the narrator, a hospital sonographer, who is asked to provide a visual guide for a surgeon committing an abortion. Because the pregnancy is into the second trimester, the technician is able to see immediately that the baby is a girl. He then watches in horror as the surgeon pierces the amniotic sac and tears the child’s arms and legs off her body.

Shaken by the experience, the sonographer quits his job and declares he will never participate in the murder of the unborn again. He also repeatedly apologizes to the baby girl who was killed with the help of his work with the ultrasound.

Verastegui has been open about his Catholic, pro-life beliefs throughout his career. In 2019, the actor announced plans to build the largest statue of Jesus in the world, to be placed in Mexico. The following year, the actor gave then President Donald Trump an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, calling Trump America’s “best pro-life president” and encouraging pro-lifers to “pray for a pro-life leader.”

Over the years, several films have been made that effectively illustrate the tragedy of abortion and reveal the horrific details of what takes place when abortions are committed. In 2019, Unplanned was released as a feature-length movie telling the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood executive turned pro-life activist. Another film, LIFEMARK, was released in September 2022. The movie follows an 18-year-old when he set out to find his birth mother, who considered abortion as a pregnant teenager but chose life for her baby and was later reunited with him.


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