MAJORCA, Spain, May 25, 2012 ( – A Spanish woman who gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a failed attempt to abort the pregnancy has obtained twenty-five years of child support from her gynecologist in a recent court order, the Telegraph reports.

The names of both the woman and doctor have not been disclosed. The woman was reportedly eight weeks pregnant at the time of the attempted abortion, and did not discover that the baby was in, fact, still alive until her second trimester. She returned to the same clinic thinking she had become pregnant again, only to find through an ultrasound that she was carrying a five-month-old baby.

The clinic offered a refund for the procedure and referred her to another clinic for a late-term abortion, but she was refused since she had exceeded 14 weeks, the legal cut-off for an abortion in Spain.

Now the mother of an 18-month-old son, she told the news service that she is “fine now” and has “accepted things” because she doesn’t “have any other choice.”

“When the day comes for me to explain to my son what happened I will tell him hoping he understands,” she said. “I didn’t want him when I went to have an abortion but that’s not the case now.”


Judge Jose Perez Martinez, a judge on the island of Majorca in Spain, ordered the doctor to pay 978 euros ($1,226) a month until the child turns 26, and an additional 150,000 euros ($180,00) in “moral damages.”

The woman’s lawyer, Eva Munar, called the sentence “fair.” The doctor plans to appeal, according to the news service.

Spain liberalized its abortion laws in 2010, when the “Catholic” King Juan Carlos I signed a law declaring abortion to be a “right” for the first 14 weeks of pregnancy. The decision was met with enormous controversy. Spain’s moderately conservative people’s party, which took power after the 2011 general elections, has announced its intention to reform the law.