OTTAWA, November 2, 2012, ( – Two teenage girls were arrested on Parliament Hill yesterday morning after vandalizing five pro-life signs with spray paint. Police apprehended the girls as they attempted to flee the scene.

“At first I couldn’t make out what they were doing, but I soon realized by the motion of their heads and bodies that they were spray painting my signs,” said owner of the signs Rev. Tony Van Hee to

The damage has been estimated at $500.


Van Hee, an 80-year-old Jesuit priest, has been fasting, praying, and witnessing in front of the Parliament buildings during sessions of Parliament since 1989. His message for the past 23 years has been the same: human life must be protected from conception to natural death.

Van Hee had set up seven signs around lampposts within meters of the landmark Centennial Flame. The signs had messages such as “Abortion should not only be illegal, it should be unthinkable,” and “Without God we self-destruct.”

One sign graphically depicted a 21 week-old pre-born baby dismembered in an abortion.

“I pushed the closest one away from my sign, but she just proceeded to spray paint another sign. I was caught between the two trying to keep them away from my signs but by the end, they had sprayed five of them before running off.”

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Van Hee said that the girls were silent during the vandalism and that they gave no indication of a motive.

Police, who reportedly witnessed the spray painting, apprehended the vandals minutes after they attempted to flee the scene. Van Hee decided to press charges.

Pro-life activist Donald Andre Bruneau, who often witnesses with Van Hee, told LifeSiteNews that they will have to be “more vigilant in the future against these types of attacks against pro-life signs.”

“The pro-choicers are getting to be more and more daring and brash in their anger as we reveal the graphic truth of abortion,” he said.

Van Hee said that he was “at first angry” at the teens vandalism, but that he “calmed down” when he thought of leaving the signs in their damaged state to “show how intolerant our opposition is.”