OTTAWA, Mar 23 ( – Hopefully, our nation’s leaders will soon accept the fact that the family, as the basic building block of society, is where efforts at improving society must be focused. Liberal MP Paul Szabo released a report today suggesting strengthening families would solve child poverty.

With the release of his new book, “The Child Poverty Solution,” Szabo (Mississauga South) is calling for the strengthening of the family and working towards bringing down the high (40%)  divorce rate. Szabo’s speech in the House today read, “Child poverty is a convenient political synonym for family poverty.” He explained that “family breakdown is the single largest cause of poverty in Canada.” One-parent families make up 16% of all families in Canada but they account for over 50% of all families living in poverty. “If child poverty in Canada is a national disgrace,” he said, “then the breakdown of the family is the principal cause of that disgrace.”

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