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November 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — LifeSite’s new petition to support President Donald Trump’s effort to ensure the integrity of the presidential vote has gone viral, quickly surpassing its initial goal of 20,000 signatures to reach over 30,000 signatures just five hours after its launch.

With numerous instances of potential voter fraud being both dismissed and censored by the mainstream media and big tech, it falls upon President Trump and his supporters to fight for the right to a fair election. LifeSite’s petition urgently calls upon Americans to “Stand with President Trump as he uses every legitimate means to find out if voter fraud played any role in the election outcome.”

“Amid allegations of voter fraud, and at a time when the situation with COVID has been used by many of the states to facilitate the use of mail-in ballots on a massive scale, we need to be very careful in dismissing the possibility of voter fraud. The fact is, the possibility of wide-spread fraud with mail-in ballots is significant,” states the petition.

Claims of tampering with the voting process are being made in several states, including:

  • Nevada, where the Trump campaign says it has seen evidence of votes being counted in the name of dead residents, along with non-residents and residents who have not lived in the state for the required 30-day minimum. The campaign is also challenging the refusal to allow Republican poll watchers to observe the counting.

  • Michigan, where a postal service whistleblower claimed he and his co-workers were asked by a supervisor to back-date mail-in ballots received after election day, and where an initial ballot update indicated that of 138,339 new votes accounted for, all were for Biden (which was later corrected).

  • Wisconsin, where a statistically improbable sudden “leap” of 137,000 votes for Biden were counted overnight.

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where reportedly 23,277 votes were tallied in a “batch” “all for Biden,” and where GOP poll watchers have been denied access.

Readers of LifeSiteNews can help fight what Archbishop Viganò has referred to as “colossal voter fraud” by signing and sharing this petition to support President Trump. This is one of LifeSite’s most critically important petitions, as our democracy itself hangs in the balance.

CLICK HERE to read and sign the petition.