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Dr. John Campbell discussing excess deaths in CanadaDr. John Campbell / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Official statistics reveal that there was an unusually high number of deaths in Canada in 2022, which some experts warn is becoming the norm.  

According to Statistics Canada, there was a 27 percent increase in deaths of Canadians up to age 44 in the last five months of 2022, a phenomena which Dr. John Campbell says is not unique to Canada but is occurring worldwide.   

“I’m afraid sadly we are seeing these ongoing excess deaths and what is just astounding is the degree to which this is not being covered in mainstream media,” Campbell said after examining the newly released stats.  

Analyzing the statistics, 27 percent excess deaths means that in August and September 2022, 1,597 more deaths occurred than expected in the aforementioned cohort.

Excess deaths is the term used by statisticians when the number of deaths exceeds the number of expected deaths in a given time period, in a given population.  

According to Campbell, increased deaths would not have been surprising in 2020 and 2021, since those years marked the peak of COVID-19. However, he pointed out that most deaths occurred during October and November, 2022.

While some of the deaths could be attributed to the mild omicron COVID-19 variant, Campbell pointed out that the number of deaths continue to remain high after the variant became more manageable. 

He also pointed out that the numbers provided by the Federal government were listed as “adjusted number of deaths,” which Campbell says means the real number of deaths was actually even higher.   

Excess mortality graph for 2022 from Statistics Canada

According to statistician and professor Norman Fenton, if the number of deaths on the graph is above the light blue line, which shows the number of expected deaths, it is probable that there were excess deaths. The graph shows the number of deaths in 2022 being consistently above the expected deaths, with a few exceptions. 

Similarly, Fenton explained that if the number of deaths consistently exceeds the red line, marking the upper prediction of expected deaths, there is a 95% probability that there have been excess deaths.  

Furthermore, if the number is consistently above the red line, it shows that something new is causing the deaths. The 2022 graph reveals deaths were recorded as usually above the red line.  

Campbell considers these statistics “concerning but sadly consistent with what we’ve seen in other countries,” specifically United Kingdom and Australia.  

In its 2023 Provisional Report, Statistics Canada referenced drug overdoses and the omicron variant as likely causes of the increased deaths.  

It made no mention of the release of the COVID-19 vaccine and its administration to thousands of Canadians, despite extensive reports of severe side effects and heart attacks.  

Dr. Joseph Mercola has revealed a recent “epidemic” of mortality among the young and middle-aged, which he attributes to the release of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Insurance companies and American disability statistics have reported major increases in claims since 2020, as increased numbers of Americans die suddenly or experience life-altering disabilities.  

Mercola also pointed out that life expectancy in the U.S. dropped in both 2020 and 2021.

In addition, evidence continues to emerge suggesting the shots may contribute to heart inflammation, strokes, and neurological issues. Reported disruptions in women’s menstrual cycles correlated with the shots have also triggered fertility concerns.