BRISBANE, Australia, May 23, 2014 ( – An Australian man has been convicted of 159 sexual charges against his stepdaughter, including raping her the night before she was to have an abortion he arranged to cover up his molestation.

The man, who lives in Warwick, initiated an involuntary sexual relationship when the girl was 14, videotaping many of his sexual encounters.

As she was about to enter her sophomore year in high school, she became pregnant, and the stepfather demanded she have an abortion.


“I am more than satisfied you were the father of her aborted child,” Judge Brian Devereaux told the unrepentant man at Friday's sentencing hearing. “You even raped her the night before she was to have that abortion.”

The abuse continued until the girl turned 19. He maintained that the relationship was consensual.

Last Friday, Devereaux found the man – whose name is not being released to protect the victim's privacy – guilty of 95 counts of rape, 50 counts of sexual assault, nine charges of indecently dealing with a child, as well as charges for recording an event without consent and maintaining a relationship with a child.

Crown Prosecutor Noel Needham said the man had a history of sexual violence and perversion stretching back to 1978. In 1994, he was convicted of kidnapping and rape.

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Judge Devereaux sentenced the violent repeat offender to 12 years in prison. The man must serve at least 80 percent of the sentence before he is eligible for release.