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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s solo episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon responds to conservative commentator Steven Crowder mocking the new “Down syndrome Barbie,” calling it the reaction of a pro-abortion “eugenicist,” not a Christian or a pro-lifer.

Last week, Mattel, the company behind the Barbie doll, announced it was releasing a Down syndrome Barbie to offer children an “opportunity to play with more inclusive dolls,” according to an Inside Edition report. Crowder reacted to the report by joking that the doll promoted “retard strength” while laughing with co-hosts on his daily show.

When a woman with Down syndrome appeared in the video holding the doll, one of Crowder’s co-hosts was heard saying, “Oh, no, oh, no.” Crowder concluded his reaction by joking that Mattel was going to release a “sickle-cell Barbie” later this year, with the doll surrounded by baby dolls in front of a Planned Parenthood.

Crowder later posted a clip of his reaction to Twitter, which has since garnered him backlash from other conservatives and pro-lifers. Crowder is also under fire for a leaked video where he appeared to verbally abuse his wife, who was pregnant at the time and is now seeking to divorce him.

Noting that Crowder claims to be a pro-life Christian, Jonathon said, “The attitude he displays towards people with Down syndrome mirrors that of our pro-abortion culture, because in a society where people with Down syndrome are actually in danger of extinction, to ruthlessly mock a doll that raises awareness of their value as ‘more retard’ is to participate in the collective dehumanization that has brought us to where we are.”

Discussing Mattel’s decision to release the doll, Jonathon noted, “We don’t even know what kinds of people could be part of our communities and how they could change our lives and make our society richer because we’re killing them and we’re discarding them like trash.”

“And then a toy company comes out and actually does something good for a change with all of the progressive garbage, all of the gender bending nonsense, all of these things happening,” he added. “And you actually have a toy company coming out and creating a doll of somebody with Down syndrome and [announcing] that this doll is breaking barriers by introducing children to the sort of person that many of them will never have met, and the sort of person that many of them will never have met because our society throws most of these people away.”

Jonathon continued:

The reaction of Crowder and his fellow alleged comedians is not the reaction of a Christian person. It’s not the reaction of a pro-life person. It is the reaction of a Richard Dawkins. It is the reaction of a Planned Parenthood abortionist. It is the reaction of a eugenicist. It is the reaction of an ableist. That… is the attitude that Steven Crowder was displaying. And so when he says that the introduction of a doll who has Down syndrome is ‘more retard,’ he is expressing precisely the attitude that has tens of thousands of parents filing into abortion clinics to get rid of their children.

Anybody who podcasts daily, anybody who comments on things nonstop, anybody who writes a lot of things, including myself, we’ll get things wrong sometimes, we’ll say things that we shouldn’t, we’ll say things that maybe came out too raw that lacked the appropriate amount of compassion, maybe even were too crude,” Jonathon stated. “But after sober second thought, he chose to amplify this particular bit [by posting it to Twitter].”

Listen to the full monologue on this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show:

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