April 9, 2015 ( – The West should stop its cultural imperialistic policy of promoting abortion, homosexuality, and gender confusion in Nigeria, a leading Catholic archbishop said at a press scrum on April 8.

Most Reverend Gabriel Abegunrin, Archbishop of Ibadan, slammed what he called the relentless promotion of Western ideas about “sexuality and reproductive rights — a euphemism for abortion, artificial family planning, and a culture of contraception” by international organizations “as deceptive and unacceptable.”

His words constituted a blunt condemnation of the Western-backed promotion of homosexuality and population control initiatives in Nigeria.


Archbishop Abegunrin warned that U.S. and EU anti-life propaganda is making inroads into the education system from well-paid lobbyists who promote contraception, abortion and homosexuality to youth.

He stressed the Christian teaching that human beings belong to God and that neither they, nor their body parts, should be treated as objects for sale. Archbishop Abegunrin also condemned human trafficking and prostitution, artificial procreation, and trafficking of human embryos and organs.

According to Nigerian news magazine Pulse, the archbishop told the media that Nigerians must continue to uphold the dignity of every human life from conception until natural death, and called for all legislation permitting abortion, such as the “reproductive rights” law surreptitiously passed in the southeastern Nigerian state of Imo in 2013, to be denounced and abrogated.

He stressed that the Catholic Church remains adamantly opposed to all forms of terrorism, which includes abortion, as well as ritual and political killings in Nigeria.

The Catholic bishops of Nigeria have consistently defended the pro-life culture of their people and repeatedly denounced the culture of death aggression by Western countries.

Last summer the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria issued a communiqué calling for “more courageous and consistent in pro-life activities in favor of human life, marriage and the family as counter-cultural antidotes to anti-life ideologies and practices.”

The content of the communiqué echoed speeches made by bishops at an international pro-life march and conference held in Abuja, which was attended by approximately 1,500 delegates and speakers from across Africa, Europe, and North America.

In a stirring speech, Archbishop Anthony Obinna of Owerri told the conference, “We have become aware of aggressive, ideological and practical assaults on human life, sexuality, marriage and the family.”

“By publicly repudiating the aberration of same-sex ‘marriage’ and prohibiting it in law, to the anger of several anti-life European/American governments and agencies, Nigeria, through its current President, Goodluck Jonathan, has placed itself in the position of a global defender of life and proper family values,” said the archbishop.

In an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews published last month, former U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman revealed the extent of this “anger of several anti-life European/American governments.”

Congressman Stockman confirmed that during his June 2014 delegation to Nigeria, top U.S. brass told him they had intelligence to aid the Nigerian military to “crush” the terrorist group Boko Haram, but were blocked from doing so by the Obama administration because of Nigeria’s stance against same-sex “marriage.”

“I hinted at that when I asked the question. I think it was acknowledged, ‘Yeah, that is the policy.’ They [the Obama administration] want to see gay ‘marriage’ adopted around the world, it’s not just in Nigeria, but it’s an active policy,” Stockman told LifeSiteNews.